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OxyMed SleepEasy Auto CPAP with Humidifier & Mask comes with pressure range between 4-20cm H2O supports CPAP, & Auto CPAP modes. Cash on delivery available.

Oxymed SleepEasy CPAP

    • Oxymed SleepEasy has an advanced AutoCPAP algorithm with FlowSens™ technology that detects Central Sleep Apnea (CSA) events and protects you from inappropriate pressure responses
    • Oxymed's new turbine is made in Germany and offer robust, efficient, and stable respiratory power at a speed of 43,000 bpm
    • Leakage Compensation is designed to adjust the pressure up to 60 L/min, based on mask leak, to make sure that the prescribed pressure is delivered to the patient.
    • COMF Pressure Relief: Advanced pressure relief function allows to exhale against the continuous air pressure by dropping the pressure upto 3cmH20.
    • Auto On-Off:Automatic activation when wearing the mask, graceful shutdown upon removal, for an enhanced sleep therapy experience.
    • Warranty: Oxymed SleepEasy comes with 2 year warranty with Home Service PAN India
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